The Sun/Son of God Event A Plasma Apocalypse Is On the Way

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“Who shall be able to stand?” When Jesus returns in the Heavens on the Eastern Rise.

When Jesus returns in the Heavens on the Eastern Rise.  His glory will annihilate those who are not purified and made white.  Chose are called to seed, chronicle, and clean up (dispose of latent demonic presence due to the A.C. bloodline in so many who took the mark.) the New Earth.

Rapture/Lake of Fire/Transfiguration of the chosen few, will ALL happen at the same time pretty much.  Three events/one event simultaneous.  God is NOT predictable.  04-08-2024 thru June’s end is the predicted estimated date given on in 2018.  It has not changed



The full picture of the coming plasma apocalypse was delayed until April 8th 2024 or there about.  The details of the coming Earth apocalypse and vehement flame which will melt away most flesh on Earth in an instant was a mystery.   Details were withheld to protect the 144.   While they grew their emotional security and walked through their purification of body, mind, soul cleansing of their being.   By trials of fire we grow spiritually.

Until now we didn’t know how the end would come. We didn’t know if we would leave this Earth or stay and survive.  We didn’t know if we would be upgraded in body and mind or if we had to die again.  We just didn’t know the details.

Daniel 12:10
“some shall be purified and made white but the wicked shall not understand or see.”

The full picture of the coming apocalypse was withheld from the Seer Jazweeh.  But as the Christians wait for their fiery rapture the 144,000 chosen of God are called & chosen to walk the coming New Earth after Earth’s purification.  The 144 are now finally ready emotionally, physically and mentally to carry out their next calling of God.

New Earth Part I

“We must be as little children to inherit the Kingdom of God.”  Approach Father as a child with transparancy and truth.

Please Prepare Spiritually for What Is Coming?

Get all heavy guilt off your chest by working an honest step four.  Work all the 12 steps to be spiritually protected & prepared to leave this Earth.  Confess your sins one to another and pray one for another.   Time is short we don’t want some guilt trip weighing us down from our own step up ascension.

This means if there is a recurring bad memory surfacing with a deep feeling of regret attached to it (sometimes manifested by anger, hurt, sadness, deflection, blame, projection) then sincere amends needs to be made.

“confess your sins one to another and pray one for another so you will be healed.”  James 5:16

Confessing one’s faults out loud to a trusted friend or priest (even if your not Catholic!  No I am not Catholic but I have used priests for this purpose.) Truth sets men free emotionally and spiritually.  See my and websites for directions on doing the 12 step work to clear your slate.

The other emotional burdens which need to be cleared are shame, self loathing, resentments, and exploration of deep recurring fears.  All these type of emotions happen for a reason.  The feelings are to be addressed no matter how ridiculous they seem intellectually.  The heart knows it’s own bitterness and these feelings of the heart come from a place of Truth.  Usually trauma based.  Few know how to emotionally nurture children.   Unless they have Love and empathic tendencies toward them.

The feelings are not to be ignored!  Especially now! It’s on people.

“But Jazweeh! The Guru’s and See-ers Have Been Screaming Apocalypse Apocalypse since 2012 and nothing!”

It’s bullshit says the sceptic!  Sure I could be wrong I am human.  God forbid.  So how do I know how am I so certain of what’s coming?

I am certain because I am a seer and seer’s SEE true events before they happen.  Right now prophecy fulfillments are spilling over into our world like never before just like John the Revelator and Jesus in Mathew 24 said all those years ago!

What Prophecies have already fulfilled?  The Seer sees what Gentile Christians cannot emotionally handle.  We have been trained to endure extreme measures of Truth.  We no longer use denial, lies, self deception,and deflection to not see the Truth that is before us. God has trained us by the fiery trials of both death and life.   Our entire lives have been to prepare us for the New Earth and to survive & escape the end of days event.


It’s on.  The New Agers say they are going to be trained…future tense.   And that they are to receive great super hero type abilities…well it doesn’t really look like that in the face of our human condition.  But our upgrades are coming and our spiritual gifts are enhanced and have morphed into end of days gifts.

For now our “abilities” are unseen by common men.  And few ever believe the warnings and prophecies of the 144.  We are mocked and laughed at. We are taken to be wanting and to represent a fairly pitiful delusional old woman.  We are used to it.

If somebody says they are 144 and they are Youtube famous and not mocked & rejected then it’s probably a lie.  Nevertheless everyone tells a little Truth sometimes.

The Details of the Apocalypse Who Dies, Who Goes, Who Stays and Who Is Chosen? 

Categories of people look like this.  Those who have no god to save them by having a realm of Spirit to go to.  These are called unbelievers.  They only believe what their mortal eyes can see.  They discount their heart’s voice and they say “feelings” are usually bad and wrong.  And yet without “feeling” humans could not survive this Earth journey.


Unbelievers are goats and they shall likely be annihilated i the lake of fire during the plasma apocalypse.  They won’t go to Hell.  They won’t be judged.  They won’t meets God.  They are just done.  They were fashioned for destruction from the very beginning.  They have not the heart for God.  These types usually have a first love like a pet or sex or some other carnal mark on their foreheads.  And of course they have the mark of the beast.  First it was an Eagle but it’s morphed into a den of vipers due to temptations.  This group includes those who took Esau’s soup and lost their crown of life unless they repented.

Fate of Christians Who follow the Dark Lord’s Creed (group 2)

To some of these Christians the Bible is an idol which they set up as God and call it by The name of the Son of God.  “The Word of God.”  Only Jesus carries that name.  He is The Truth.

So what does God do with believers who prise the bible over Truth?  They are following the Dark Lord’s new bible?  A dark bible for a fallen Earth.  They embrace blasphemy and lies and call it by God’s Son’s name.  But they are tricked under the strong delusion and are members of the great falling away.  It would better if they never believed and were to go to nothingness like group # one.

These are yet believers and so they will go to stasis.  They will be purified by the fires of the apocalypse.  Then they go to sleep in paradise to await judgement.  God will judge them fairly and righteously with mercy.

The Dark Side Group #3

Those who choose and side with evil serve gods of darkness and evil.  These shall go home to their underworld which they chose with open eyes.

Their rule on Earth is done.

The separation is finished light no longer has to abide among darkness.  There is however a separate group who have caused harm on Earth to many of God’s children such as the Antichrist and the False prophet (War On Buffet the Oracle of Omaha, & Gates of Hell his A.C.) These will melt away with fervent heat by the Sun/Son of God during the plasma apocalypse. Caves will not save them.  No matter how deep they go they cannot hide from the wrath of God and His renewing Light.

Group #4 The RAPTURED Believers in God Is Love & Believers in Jesus

These are not necessarily Christians.  They may or may not have a typical religion.  They could be New Age or Buddhist Hindu or any persuasion of spirituality.  They are accepted by God as being believers because of their heart condition & their prayers.  They will also go to stasis to rest in paradise for 1,000 years as one day.  They will not suffer the heat of the fire.  Just as the believers in Jesus will not suffer by the heat of The Sun of God.  It’s their rapture.  Their judgement if they are to be judged won’t come until after the 1,000 years.  These are called Gentiles.  They are Gentle hearts and they represent the “Great Multitude of believers”. Revelation 19:6.

The Chosen Few & 144

144 are God’s warriors weather in Spirit by gifts of the Spirit.   Or by works of faith commited in a carnal setting.  Love ministries depending on the heart condition of the giver.

The chosen few who are destined to go to the New Earth and survive the apocalypse are not under the strong delusion.  They need to be able to see the beast and it’s horrible sorceries.  That means they probably also know just where they are regarding end of days and their coming purpose as God’s Sons.

Are all 144 warriors?  We just don’t know that answer.  There may be 144 who have spiritual gifts of helps which we have never fathomed.



In short they will “escape these things coming upon the Earth”.  Meaning they escape the vehement fires, flames of the lake of fire.  And escape suffering any wrath.

All believers will get their rapture during the flames.  And judgement comes after the ‘1,000 years as one day’ paradise sleep is over. 

The wicked who love darkness will be thrown to their dark home. And believers will be preserved for judgement 1,000 years of rest.  While unbelieving goats who have no god will simply end in the Lake of fire.

Given some who are labeled “unbelievers” will be saved nevertheless according to their heart condition and God’s Grace.  Some believe in God but never sought Jesus.  There will be variables to my outline of salvation.

The chosen have already been given the gift of sight.  They had visions of their end of days purpose long ago by out of body dreams.

For now I will write of my own visions and purpose as a spiritual warrior, a seer,an intercessor, & a scribe of God. 

Please I am not benevolent.  I am worldly and was programmed just like most were.  I am often angry and a woman who has looked into the eyes of the beast which I despise.  Warriors are not mamby pamby in any way. We are not religious and despise Legion.

I am confident and I am now sure of my intuition.  I no longer doubt myself.  By emotional maturity I am accepting of others in their unbelief.  I am often critical of sanctimonious christians to my error.

My stumbling blocks have been the supernatural bible changes. Magic changes which few can see yet thank God we who see them do have much validation by many others who see the same things.  Keep in mind being vailed from the desecrations of the holy places doesn’t mean your not saved.  It just means you’re probably going to paradise rest (stasis) and don’t need to see the heinous beast first hand.  You won’t be cleaning up the Earth of demonic waste after Jesus turns the Earth to sand.

Why would God suffer the Gentiles that hard emotional growth at this point?  It would upheaval relationships and cause unrest if they were to face now the supernatural events happening.   Though many call the tower of babel effects to all literature “mandela effects”.  So there is much validation online for the supernatural bible changes.  And many also see the mark of the beast which desecrated many humans to GMO creatures.(as the Dark lord calls them)  By taking the mark they tossed their crown of life on the floor at the alter of the Dark Lord.

Jacob’s Ladder (kind of)

My Supernatural Visions Out of Body Dreams.

I saw the constellation and vision of Cassiopeia or Cathy, or Cassie they call her.  But now I know what it means in part.

She is the black elder lady in the rocking chair in the upper room.  In my out of body dream vision she was in a wooden built attic fashioned in the style of the strong old wooden structures of the 50s or 60s architecture.  A small upper room like an attic.  With one of those old fashioned rugs made of circular braided wool or cotton braided rugs on a wooden floor.  With her and her rocking chair.  A patchwork quilt on her lap.  A comforting gaze into my eyes.

In the 80s I had three out of body dreams when I know I left my body. There is no doubt when I felt my spirit leave by flesh.  When you leave your body your entire outlook on who you are will change.  You then know you are not of flesh.  But rather flesh is a temporary condition for Spirit housing.

Father “turns the Earth to sand and still commits no crime.”

THE PASSOVER EVENT IS SOON IN 2024 Around April 8th before the end of June 2024.

But it won’t be like the bible story depictions.  The chosen are sealed with a certain Alpha symbol and the Seal of Jesus.  There is no blood on the door post that we know of.  The blood of Jesus runs in their veins.

And the event will take everyone by surprise.   Most will be eating drinking marrying ect.   They will all burn but they won’t suffer.  It’s far to quick for suffering.  Plus some will experience their rapture during the flames.

Except the chosen few who will stay on Earth.  They are to be protected and transformed during the event.  They will go to the upper room protected and taken by the Angel of God.  She is the Lady in the rocking chair Cassiopeia.  A powerful deity whose wings can withstand the fires of God that will “turn the Earth to sand and still commit no crime”.  And bring the New Earth’s New Nature to grow.

The 80s vision I had of her was to feel the comfort and the Godly care of Cathy the Lady in the rocking chair during my own transition/transfiguration.  She has a patchwork blanket on her lap to represent the pieces of the puzzle of my own life finally coming into full view.

Her comforting smile still runs as a river through my heart.  She represents safety, belonging, and comfort.  But also she is in the constellation of stars.  So she represents otherworld travel from one world to the next.  A better world, a higher calling and purpose on The Way.

She is the Angel Deity Being who will protect me during my transition to the New Earth.  She is a mighty Angel of God with huge black wings and changes form.  She is sealed by the seal of passover.  I am sealed with the mark of passover.  The seal of God as are all those who will go to The New Earth to seed it.  And to grow their spirit and mind.  And to chronicle God’s wonders.

My guess is that most who are destined for the New Earth instead of Heaven know it.  For me it’s a choice I was given.

The other visions were Jacob’s Ladder which showed a mocking skeleton hanging on the ladder among the stars.  The skeleton that threw me out of my vision at the time I awoke (80s).  He represents (and it always scared me as if the skeleton on jacob’s ladder represented my failure somehow.  I now know the skeleton was “Jacob’s trouble” prior to my ascension. I Hope.

The other 1980s visions …well two more actually.  I was flying over a church and all the members were blinded to not see me and blind to what I know.  They were acting as if nothing was going on-sleeping.  They were unaware of important spiritual truth of which I now know.

Other vision- I was given the keys to death and to hell by Jesus so I traveled into purgatory to lead some self condemned souls into the light of God’s Almighty’s judgement.  I have been to that place many times since the first vision occured.

ALL these visions have come to pass in real time in the last seven years.  All except the lady in the rocking chair.  Yet today I saw her begin to rock her chair.  Meaning she’s getting ready to do her work with me.

I just learned of her passover symbol and of her ability and purpose to protect me during the firey explosion of The Mighty Sun/Son of God event that will bring lake of fire for some, rapture for others, and the New Earth for those who are so appointed.  A natural and spiritual event of evermore.  It will end time itself.  And it will be unlike anything that has ever happened before..

__________Aumon=to know my own mind.


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