“Ye Must Be As Little Children to Inherit the Kingdom of God”

What Are the New Vs. The True Gospels??  Find out now.

God’s warriors on Earth know how difficult it is to balance the righteously indignant warrior of God with the little child they must be before God. Relying on Him as children.   The soldiers do not accept the magically rewritten Gen. 3-15 desecrated script of “bruise/bruise”.   It is rewritten as if to say evil is now equal to God.  It is not.  How do they know?  Because they have been formed to crush the serpent under their bestowed power of The Holy Spirit.  Under their feet just as Jesus taught them.

Is Magic Bad?

Little children believe in magic.  Are not the end of days prophecies written about magic?  Jesus turned water into wine and increased the fish and bread/cakes isn’t that also magic?

“And the mortal shall put on immortality, the corrupt shall put on incorruption.”

I have seen people who were healed of ailments and delivered from bondage.  As have I.  Is not prayer and a miracle received…magic?

Yes it is magic and it always was magic.  Magic for the betterment of mankind is something the powerful elites DO NOT WANT THE SLAVES TO HAVE.

Hence in comes the Santa psyop.  The emotional devastation of children by those whom they trust and love most.  Once the child has the high hope of Jesus and the Christmas story that child now puts his eternal, supernatural gift of Hope in Jesus The Son of God Almighty.

Well the elites can’t have that!  No no not for a minute.  They serve the Dark Lord.  And the Dark Lord WANTS SOULS and plenty of them.

He came for what?  “To steal, kill, and to destroy”. To destroy the most valuable gift give to mankind.


The Three eternal gifts from God.  A trinity of magic.

“Each man is given a measure of Faith”.

“Hope is the Helmet of Salvation”.

“Love is the greatest supernatural eternal gift, the greatest is Love”

What is Faith?  Every person on Earth is given these three gifts when they are born.  Without prejudice they receive the gifts of magic at birth or prior.  The Divine Presence of God is given to every human being.  Then all should be saved right?

A Basic Prayer worded to change the life of him who prays it.  Do not take this prayer lightly.  Read it unto understanding.  Be sure you realize what your asking if you pray this prayer.  Though time is very short and God almighty often works in processes which take time.  Know that for me it took a lifetime to become into alignment with God’s will.  And many cleansings and many changes, healings, deliverances, and hard heart wrenching lessons.  Humans do not learn wisdom easily.  Nor do most men know their own hearts.

“Thy Will be done IN ME, Help me Father God to become the clay in your hands.  So as to Love as you would have me Love, also to reject and to turn from evil & dark thoughts & actions.  Please make me who I should be in You.  And please create in me how I should be always.   I ask that you fix my broken and reached heart.  Please help me to know you and your Son Jesus. Thy Will Be Done in me always.”

Then if all are given Faith, Hope, & Love the eternal gifts of magic should we not ALL BE SAVED.  Once saved always saved?  Perhaps…perhaps.

What matters is what we do with these eternal gifts.  The man can put all his Love for others into actions of goodness or he can put it all into his pet, or wife, or children, or money, or pomp, or science, or blood, putting eternal Faith the gifts into anything except God Almighty Himself.  

Why Does God In Heaven Point His Children to Jesus?

Jesus has been here on Earth working by His Holy Spirit for years on end.

When a man seeks God he finds God.  God will automatically (in my experience) point His children to know Jesus.  Why?  So we learn to know Jesus and what He is about. So we can learn to walk as Jesus walked.  To do the things that Jesus did in The Spirit.

God will lead us to those who know Jesus and have the eternal gifts so we can receive the baptism of The Holy Spirit.  The Baptism which imparts “magic” spiritual gifts upon those who receive His Spirit.  Open eyes to see what is, happens primarily and a Loving change of heart occurs.  Especially in the end of days, these days there are many miracles men cannot see.

The Image of the Beast

Why can’t the Gentiles see the end of days prophecy fulfillments?  They don’t have the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  Its that simple.  What if a man is born again but never received the Baptism of The Holy Spirit? Perhaps this is the state of all Gentiles.  All I know is that the Christians who see end of days on see it on TV.  Their signs and wonders come from the Image of the Beast.  It’s okay to see signs on the TV…but they are not “wonders, miracles in plain sight”.

They TV shows signs of the end nothing more.  Technology doesn’t do miracles.  And the end of days is full of miracles in plain sight.  In real time as they say.

Believing in God comes first.  Being born again happens next once the man meets Jesus.  Seek & ye shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you.  Jesus comes to do the work on us.  He casts out demons in His name.  Deliverance comes by praising Jesus out loud, with prayers & the laying on of hands from those who have the supernatural gift of The Holy Spirit.  And Jesus delivers us from bondage to sin.  What is key?  His name must be praised aloud.  The human must show submission to His will by raising their arms and praising His name aloud.  That is how IT WORKS.  It’s not my plan it is God’s plan of Salvation for the sinner.

Jesus on Earth cleanses us from all unrighteousness and He teaches us The Ways of God Almighty.  He is the only begotten Son yet we too are to become “Sons of God”.  What about the Gentiles who don’t have the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  And they balk denying the power thereof?  I just don’t know.  There are so many of them.  But I believe this, God won’t turn anyone away who comes to Him with a True heart.

The walls must come tumbling down.  You cannot get close to God while hiding parts of your heart from Him.  It doesn’t work.  “Oh I can’t let go of this or that bad little girl sin!  I will come to Him once I clean myself up!  Then I can face Him.”


Herein lies the misconception, we are human God doesn’t and never did expect us to be perfect while in the flesh.  IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO CLEAN OURSELVES UP.  It cannot happen.  We must go to God Almighty with all our baggage in tact and before Him.

“Confess your sins one to another and pray one for another so ye shall be healed.”

We must confess to both God and to man our deepest darkest secrets of which we want no one to know.  Find someone empathic a priest if that is all you have will work.  I have gone to priest and they do not turn away people in confession.  At least the ones’ I met did not.  THE CONFESSION IS FOR YOU NOT FOR GOD.  It shows humility and courage based in Truth.

This is the Truth that will set you free!

What is the True Gospel of Jesus?

The YT preachers are well acquainted and proclaim the new gospel that Jesus warned us about long ago and it was written in the Bibles.

“If any man proclaims to you another gospel other than the gospel of Jesus, then depart from him.”

Jesus came to Earth to bring God’s words of Truth, to give us Life more abundantly and Life itself.  And He came to die so He would take the keys to death and to Hell and we too have dominion over Death.  Death cannot hold those who are in Jesus.

The True Gospel of Jesus Doesn’t come by quoting repetitious scripture It comes from the Heart of prayer by those who seek, find, and Know Him.

Yes God’s words are POWERFUL.  The Name of Jesus is the Most Powerful word we are given.  But unfortunately all bibles are now desecrated and cannot be trusted to be Truth.  All bibles are now blasphemous as prophesied the wicked is sitting in the holy place spewing lies. See https://abominationdesolation.com for proof of desecrated scriptures.

Supernatural Bible Changes

Deceptive signs and wonders in plain sight.  Ya signs don’t “lie” since they don’t have a tongue or mouth.  Seems most people have forgotten the English language.  Certainly the KJVB is no longer righteous Old English.  KJVB Is now written in “middle english” like Middle Earth.  Look it up.

God’s True words are now preserved in the hearts of those who know Him.  its end days therefore the bibles are done.  The bible now belongs to the evil one. The Lord of Darkness.  Those who think the anointing of God is still on their book could be either protected to see only goodness in the words, or they are utterly deceived not knowing blasphemy from Truth of Love.  We do not know why so many Christians cannot remember or see the supernatural bible changes.  All we know is that ain’t our bible,not even close.  And its changing daily on the shelves.  This is no easy miracle of deception to watch deceptive signs and wonders.  While most Christians are unaware of it.

The True gospel is the testimony of Jesus from the heart of those who know Him.  This is why it’s so powerful.  It’s given in Truth and in Love, by experience with FAITH.  I know Jesus.  He healed me and delivered me from my self destruction.  God gave me a new heart.  Since I met Jesus my life became SO MUCH BETTER!  I am no longer in bondage to the sins I was a slave to.  Jesus set me free here on Earth in real time.  In Jesus name and by prayers I was set free.  Now He teaches me in the Way I should go.

What is The Blood of Jesus About?

When I asked God about Jesus’ blood and what the blood means He showed me a dream.  I was showered literally showered in blood.  It was raining blood.  Then I woke up.  The blood is both a mystery and symbolic of being cleansed in a blood shower.  That’s what I got.

God showed me Jesus on the cross.  They killed Him who was sinless.  Therefore He was able to go into the grave and TAKE THE KEYS TO DEATH AND HELL.  In turn He gives those keys to God’s children.  We too have the keys to death and hell.  We too can go into purgatory (the place were the self condemned put themselves) and bring those people out.  We lead them to the righteous judge.  They do NOT have the right to condemn themselves.  But many do it anyway because of programming.

Why else would God bring people out of the top level of Hell?  Obviously they were not supposed to be there.  Purgatory is real.  I did not believe in it until I saw it.  But we too have power to bring those self condemned out of purgatory.  And lead them across the hallway of death into the throne room of God’s judgement seat.  These Truths I share with you are all revealed by The Holy Spirit.

I am appointed to be a Scribe of God.  And that’s just the Way it is.  Take it or leave it.

What is the new godspell (gospel) Jesus warned us about?

To put one’s eternal gifts of Faith & Hope in anything BUT GOD ALMIGHTY & JESUS HIS SON.  Furthermore the false gospel is to put the Eternal gift of Hope into the bible or something other than God Himself.  And His plan of salvation through Jesus.  The Helmet is the Hope of Salvation.  It’s “Hope” not some legalistic binding law written in a desecrated bible.  The bibles describe salvation as a “surety to wit”.  Bibles are now turning salvation into a legal document to ease peoples intellects by giving the unsuspecting humans a once saved always saved written, & binding, legally guaranteed contract to put their Faith in instead of in God Himself.  The book reducing the reputation of Jesus to become an attorney of law rather than a Loving Savior from God Is Love.

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